8 Event preparation before starting


Each event is organized. There is no one who does not want the work to come out badly. To be in accordance with the objects we placed Or the goals we set Which gives the event well Requires many factors Such as planning to reduce As well as setting guidelines for solving problems within the work that may occur without thinking about it in time In order for the operation to proceed well until the end of the job Therefore, preparing for the event will start to be important.
At this time, AGEN will recommend 8 preparations before starting work. As a guide in organizing good things As well as creating an impression for the participants
1. Setting the theme to be in line with the product that we will promote
We will think of doing something. Must be planned Especially the event There must be planning in many aspects. Especially the form of work Which must be consistent with the product that we are offering Must plan the whole job To be relevant to the product In order to attract the attention of the participants Must have a variety of activities to create interest. Would like to join Because if we organize the event is not consistent with our products May cause confusion to the participants That may cause our products to not be pleasant Causing both direct and negative consequences And indirectly Therefore, making the work consistent with the product is absolutely necessary.
2. Setting the job title by bringing the product name into the job name.
Many people may wonder if it’s necessary or not. Who have to put the product name in the job name, can tell this is very necessary Because it avoids causing confusion to participants Clearly communicating with the participants or target groups That he had joined What are you going to join?
3. Determining the date, time and venue of the event
Determining the location and time is another important issue. Must choose the right place for the event Both in accordance with the product display As well as the journey of the participants To travel to catch up with the work Because choosing the right place is a great announcement of the work and the product and should choose the right date according to the location
4. Logo, product or product band Should be decorated throughout the work
Logo display of products throughout the event It is important not to lose other things in order to make it a memorable image for the participants. Because in addition to doing promotional activities Can also offer products in the group as well It makes the participants know what the company is. What brand?
5. Having a job site Or mascot for the event
The job has a mascot. It adds color And may make it a brand of galactor Create a memorable image for the participants If you see this mascot, you know immediately what brand it comes from.
6. Public relations for people to attend
The event is lacking as a participant, so we have to make publicity for the attendees. Not only get a colleague But may get the target group so that we can promote the next time too
7. Invitation to guest Kittima Sak
Kitti Guest Invitation Is another factor That makes the job look reliable and level and may contact And expand the business
8. Media invitation
Another event that should have Should invite the media to make news Making our products widely known
All 8 items mentioned above Is necessary for organizing events How was it May benefit more or less But what we come to share this You can apply as you see fit. Next time we will have new knowledge. To share with you