4 steps to organize events for newbies


Strategies in marketing, no matter which era Also organizing the event is still a popular market, no matter who choose this method In marketing Because it is a way to see results And customers know more about the products we offer Increase the percentage of closing sales More than doing online marketing As well as the needs of customers Thus resulting in a career in event organizing, but in organizing events May not be an easy choice, especially for newbies who are starting to do this business At this time, we AGEN have suggestions for newbies who are starting to hire in organizing events. That there are steps
1. Budget, customer needs And explore the area
The first order for newbies Before the contract is Ask the employer ‘s needs and talk about budget matters. Which is very important For planning the correct event And not exceeding the limit set And during the talk Would like to recommend to talk with the survey area To draft the point Job theme design Along with taking into account the convenience, safety for the participants Because if we forget to consider this May cause damage Especially for outdoor events Without plugs Or using the internet Must have a strong preparation So the work will come out without problems Or fewer problems at the level that we can fix And another matter that the organizers should not forget is to not forget to study the details in the rental contract thoroughly. In order to not cause problems later
2. Determination of participants
Past problems of the organizers Another frequent problem Is the participant There are many types of exhibitors, such as honorary colleagues, media and people attending the event. There must be a plan from the official invitation letter to join the honorary work and the media to create a good relationship both in the business. And public relations And don’t forget the people who come to the event Should be publicized in an interesting way In order to attract people to join the event But if the number of people attending the event Should have a clear registration Which is currently preferable to use registration via the website Or applications Another story of the organizers will not be forgotten. Is to determine the point of address of the participants That is appropriate, divided into proportions For easy approval and management
3. Job design and team selection for the event
When we get the demand Budgeting And assigning attendees From the employer Came to the design process Before starting work, we should outline a rough pattern in the paper to create a map. And the structure came out first. Then, in the event that the team is already working, then go into the process of defining the material. Equipment for preparation Or if there is no team Use recruiting companies to do To be a team for us again, precautions should be taken to determine the cost of outsourcing. So as not to lose our employment And should choose with expertise And reliable When we have a team to do and work as we set
4. Public relations work
Coming to the end of the process is to promote the event. We may have to hire mass media. But it may not be enough to publicize, so we publicize in other ways along with, such as online media or various publications to expand public relations To be wider
Just as you can be an effective organizer. May be useful Whether more or less, ask to apply the knowledge that has been applied.