3 Tips for not organizing events to be interesting

เคล็ดไม่ลับ ที่ทำให้งาน EVENT น่าสนใจ

We will organize an event. All of which must take into account many factors for the event that we have handled well. And interesting Impress the people who attend the event. Especially if it is a product presentation Must allow the participants to remember our products Along with building the credibility of our products Confident that customers have to return to buy our products Must find those factors that will make people feel interested in our products Remember our products Because if you can’t find that factor Not only makes the work that we organize is not interesting It may also adversely affect our products. But do not be afraid of this time, we AGEN have tips, tips, not secrets for you or Agency that organizes events Must consider the 3 events that will make your work interesting as follows
1. Market survey to find the target group we want
Before we organize the event The first thing to consider is Market survey to find target groups Because it will allow us to know which direction to arrange What is the type of work? Because if we make a distortion from the target group May make the work that we organize is not interesting And it may result in difficult coordination or other things As a result, the event does not match the objectives we want. And also causing the cost to be useless Or if it is the person that we organize, it may cause problems with the employer Lose credibility. Therefore, the market survey before the event Therefore is the most important factor
2. Adopting technology to participate in the event
Facilitation for those attending Reduce the process of joining Join activities in the event Is another important factor In order to create incentives for those attending the event Would like to join the activities that we have organized within the event Which currently uses technology Such as creating an application or creating QR Cord is becoming popular for organizing e-mails, such as having an application to enter the event, it is shortening the time Reduce the steps to register Without having to come in line in the name of Zen Which includes facilitating directions And convenient to check Filter visitors to join the event or QR QR to receive detailed information on the purpose of the event. Or Skel to participate in activities for participants via Smart Phone, which will reduce time, reduce costs, reduce resource usage, reduce waste, as well as make the exhibitors have more desire to participate in activities
3. There are many activities within the event.
For this article, it is a supplement for the first 2 questions mentioned above, which many organizers have used this method to get very good feedback. By creating many compelling content to create curiosity for attendees Do not let that work be monotonous, such as the Motor Show. Remember the new innovation. Ask for a car to show. Or if the seminar brings the future content into the content, etc.
how are you doing For the secret For those wishing to organize the event We sincerely hope for the knowledge that is given to be used more or less. We are ready to share this knowledge again.